Hi Digging Bits, I am after a trencher that would fit onto my Challenge FEL.  My tractor is 90 horse power (HP). Do Digga make these?

Yes Digga trenchers can go onto a front end loader (FEL).

The machine importantly needs to have the oil flow coming from the auxiliary ports to operate the trencher productively. eg The Digga Hydrive Trencher is 45 to 75 LPM and the Heavy Duty Hydrive XD is 60 to 100 LPM.

Machine weight will also dictate which trencher build is suitable with the XD model needing to go on 5T plus machines.

Lastly the tractor will need to have a creeper speed OR hydrostatic transmission. This is required as the trencher can only operate at a low speed, approx 100 meters an hour but preferably less. If the trencher is being operated on a machine with too much ground speed it will not effectively trench and will most likely continually stall.

Skid steers don't have this issue as they have proportional flow. This means the operator determines the flow and speed of the machine from the revs.

Thanks Digging Bits. I have a 90 HP New Holland TL90a and it weighs 4.2T. It has creeper gears and I'm sure it has oil flow from auxiliary ports. Can you please recommend a trencher and auger drive you think would suit?

Creeper gears are what we need to control tractor speed so that is ideal.

Digging Bits would recommend the Hydrive Trencher with a 1200mm digging depth and 150mm wide cut then set up with a Combination Chain - this would be the most common used. The unit can fit chains up to 300mm wide going up in increments of 50mm.

Finally, you must ensure that the hydraulic flow output on the tractor is between 45 to 75 LPM.

As far as an auger drive is concerned, we'd suggest the Digga PD3 Auger Drive Unit. Until the 31st of October 2012, we are offering a 300mm auger drill bit free of charge!